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In todays business market, there is no shortage of companies looking to take advantage of you. Many will use misinformation, deceptive practices, or what ever it takes to make the sale. Unfortunately, the payment industry is not devoid of these companies and individuals. WE AREN'T ONE OF THOSE!

We would much rather provide good information, quality products, and just a great overall experience. We rely on our ability to make your experience memorable enough that you will talk about us to other merchants.

We would never expect you to do business with a company that makes you uncomfortable. The value added information on our site should give you additional comfort, but our return policy is really the icing on the cake. Anything you buy from PaymentStuff.com automatically comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Please see our Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Your feeling of security should be strengthened knowing that our free information is put together to assist you, not to secretly lead or guide you in a direction which is profitable for us. In addition, if you have payment solution questions or problems, e-mail them to us. If we can help, we will.

Put your trust in PaymentStuff.com and you can rest assured that we will look out for all your payment needs.

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The PaymentStuff.com QuickTip:

Manual imprinters are still a necessity for all retail businesses. Using them on key-entered sales will help protect you from costly chargebacks. Dig out your old "knuckle-buster" and keep it (along with sales slips) close to your register.
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