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The quality of our payment equipment is the tangible result of the values on which PaymentStuff.com was built.

Whether you're considering our new or refurbished equipment, you can rest assured everything we sell is top notch. Our new and refurbished units will always carry at least a 1-year warranty. New units, of course, will carry any additional warranties offered by the manufacturer.

Refurbished units will always look and operate as if they were brand new. On the inside, our equipment is cleaned, inspected, and all wear items are replaced. All equipment is also fitted with the latest available upgrades in electronic chips. Don't worry, these aren't just cleaned up "repaired" units. Our units have truly been "refurbished".

With new cases, new parts, new chips, new cables, and new cords, we don't have many warranty claims. But when problems arise, we promise to make every effort to limit your down time.

We also make every effort to avoid selling equipment that has or develops a reputation of poor quality. This extends across all our lines regardless of manufacturer or type of equipment. We don't like defective goods any more than you do, so we avoid them when we can.

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The PaymentStuff.com QuickTip:

Manual imprinters are still a necessity for all retail businesses. Using them on key-entered sales will help protect you from costly chargebacks. Dig out your old "knuckle-buster" and keep it (along with sales slips) close to your register.
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