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Brand New
Hypercom ICE 5500


Affordable and Easy to Use

The Hypercom ICE™ 5500 Web-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminal delivers innovative features like electronic signature and receipt capture (ERC), in-store promotions and customer loyalty programs. This affordable, easy-to-use device supports both smart card and traditional payment methods.

Large LCD Display

Designed as an integrated unit, the Hypercom ICE 5500 brings touch-screen graphics technology to the countertop, permitting customized advertising and couponing directly to customers at the point of sale.

Fast 9600 bps Communication

The Hypercom ICE 5500 FastPOS® modem provides the fastest dial-up capability in the industry, significantly lowering transaction costs. In addition, ICE 5500 software is backward compatible with Hypercom ICE 5000 software, thus reducing certification time.

Built for Economy, Built for the Future

The Hypercom ICE 5500 combines the flexibility of a full-featured POS appliance with the infrastructure to quickly and cost-effectively integrate new applications. This combination makes the Hypercom ICE 5500 one of the simplest and most innovative POS solutions available today.

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