Hypercom Credit Card Equipment

Hypercom Credit Card Terminals with Printers

Hypercom T7Plus
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Hypercom T7Plus Credit Card Machines

T7Plus- Refurbished - $69.95


Hypercom Optimum T4210 Series
Modem Only
PCI Compliant

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HT4210-Ref - $157.95
HT4210 New - $172.00

Hypercom Optimum T4220 Series
Dual Com

PCI Compliant
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HT4220-Ref. - $159.95
HT4220 DC EMV- $198.95

Hypercom Debit/Credit Card Pinpads
(PIN pads must be encr
ypted by processor)

*PCI PED Compliant
What is it?

Currently this only applies to PIN pads and internal PIN Pads on terminals. According to new Visa rules, any new processing application that uses PIN DEBIT (where customer enters their 4 digit number) for debit cards, must use equipment that is PCI PED compliant. Replacement of existing terminals and PIN pads is acceptable but frowned upon and it is at the discretion of the processor. If you do not intend to use or use PIN DEBIT, PCI PED compliancy does not apply to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us:

Hypercom S9 PIN Pad
3DES Compliant
Not Available
Ref. $65.
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Hypercom PP1300
PCI PED Compliant
New - $97
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