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Types of Wireless Credit Card Processing

Fixed location wireless

  • Used for stationary (fixed location) businesses
  • Utilizes the Synapse base unit
  • Allows for easy addition of new terminals
  • Complete flexibility on terminal placement
  • No phone line needed for base or terminals
  • Can lower communication cost
  • Faster transaction times

Portable/Mobile Wireless

  • Used for truly mobile businesses (on site services, trade shows, or even kiosks)
  • No key-entering transactions after the fact
  • Retail rates for transactions instead of key-entered rates
  • Instant approval (or decline)
  • Reduced chargeback risk
  • Timely transaction settlement
  • Completely self contained battery operated terminal with built-in printers
  • Electronically printed receipt provides more professional and complete transaction record
  • Projects a professional image to your customers

PDA Wireless Processing

  • Uses small card readers attached to wireless PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants)
  • Extremely versatile multi-function device
  • Pocket Sized Authorization and Settlement Terminal
  • Uses wireless service designed specifically for PDA's

Wireless Transaction Networks

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