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Manual Imprinter FAQ
(frequently asked questions)

What is the difference between "Sales" slips and "Credit" slips for my manual imprinter?

  • Sales slips are used when you are charging an amount to a credit card.
  • Credit slips are used when you are issuing a refund to a credit card.

Will my imprinter plate fit my new manual imprinter?

  • Nearly all imprinter plates and imprinters will work perfectly together.
  • Many imprinters have multiple mounting holes so you can choose the mounting holes that work best for your imprinter plate.
  • Others include double sided mounting tape so you can position the plate where you want it.

What is the difference between "short" and "long" imprinter slips?

  • The long slips are longer!
  • Actually the "long" slips are 7.75" wide x 3.25" high
  • The "short" slips are 5.25" x 3.25" high
  • Most imprinter slips (short or long) are universal and will work in nearly all imprinters

Why would I need 3-part imprinter slips instead of 2-part imprinter slips?

  • You might use 3-part if one copy each goes to: the customer,
    the salesperson or store, and one to accounting.
  • The use of the third copy is completely based on your administrative needs.
  • Most companies, however, only need 2-part slips.

What is the difference between the Bartizan 4000 Manual Imprinter and the NBS 4850 Manual Imprinter?

  • Original made by two different companies, both are now made by Addressograph Bartizan.
  • The 4000 is slightly larger than the 4850.
  • The 4000 is a sturdier imprinter than the 4850.
  • Either one is a great choice for most imprinting needs.

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